King of Hoenn Cup

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King of Hoenn Cup
Organising body Royal Hoennese Football Association
Founded 673
Region  Hoenn
Number of teams 88
Domestic cup(s) Pokénav Super Cup
International cup(s) AFC Champions League
EMUFA Champions League
Current champions TBD
Most successful club(s) TBD
Television broadcasters Hoso Hoenn
Motto Only one can be the best
2017-18 King of Hoenn Cup

The King of Hoenn Cup (Japanese: 豐縁王杯 Hepburn: Houen Wohe?), known for sponsorship reasons as the Mizuno King of Hoenn Cup, is the premier soccer competition in Hoenn. Run by the RHFA, it involves every team in the Hoennese soccer pyramid. The cup is a one-leg knockout tournament which begins in September and ends in early June; the final is the closing act of the Hoennese soccer season.