Lanza crime family

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Lanza crime family
Founded by Francesco Lanza
Founding location San Francisco, California[wp], United States
Edwardsville, Kantoh
Years active 1928–present
Territory Northern California[wp], Las Vegas[wp], Kantoh
Ethnicity Italian[wp], Italian-American[wp] as made men[wp], and other ethnicities as "associates"
Membership (est.) 45 made men, 60 associates
Criminal activities Racketeering[wp], loan sharking[wp], extortion[wp], corruption[wp], drug trafficking[wp], murder[wp], gambling[wp], conspiracy[wp], money laundering[wp], bookmaking[wp], labor racketeering[wp]
Allies Bonanno[wp], Genovese[wp], San Jose[wp], and Los Angeles[wp] crime families

The Lanza crime family is an American Mafia[wp] crime syndicate[wp] in San Francisco and Kantoh.