Queen Kwanzen

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Queen of Hoenn (more...)
Reign Shimotsuki 9, 655 – Kisaragi 15, 664
Coronation Shimotsuki 9, 656
Predecessor Meiroku
Successor Kahede
Prime Minister Haruye Momoi
Born Kaminadzuki 9, 599
Palace of Eons, Lilycove, Ohosumi Province
Died Kinusaragi 15, 664 (aged 54)
Palace of Eons, Lilycove, Ohosumi Province
Burial Temple of the Hidden Moon, Ashikari, Hi Province
Full name
Suzumeko (すずめ)
House Ohoran
Father Inazuma
Mother Meiroku
Religion Megamikyou
Signature Queen Kwanzen's signature

Kwanzen (寬前くわんぜんみかど Kwanzen-mikado?, Kaminadzuki 9, 599 — Kisaragi 15, 664) is the second Queen of Hoenn, reigning from Shimotsuki 9, 655, until her death in 664. She was succeeded by her younger sister Kahede.


Kanzen's personal name (imina[wp])) was Suzumeko (すずめ?), and her pre-accession title was Akira-no-miya (あきらみや?).

Titles, styles, honors, and arms

Styles of
Queen Kwanzen
3tachibana 001.svg
Reference style Her Majesty
(みかど陛下へいか Mikado-heika?)
Spoken style Your Majesty
(陛下へいか Heika?)
Alternative style Madame
  • Kaminadzuki 9, 599 — Shimotsuki 9, 655: Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess (帝太女ていたいぢよ殿下でんか Teitaidjiyo-denka?)
  • Shimotsuki 9, 655 — Kinusaragi 15, 664: Her Majesty The Queen (みかど陛下へいか Mikado-heika?)
  • Posthumous title: Queen Kwanzen (寬前くわんぜんみかど Kwanzen-mikado?)