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  Government of Hoenn, 770–76
Posted by: Hoennese Government - 04-20-2019, 08:30 AM - Forum: 梅家 | Plum House - No Replies

[Image: avatar_1.png?dateline=1555742993]

Here is a list of the officers of government for the electoral term ending in 776. The Chancellor of the Realm and all ministers can be reached via the forum account named after the office.

Council of State (官政太 Daijou-kan)

Chancellor of the Realm (太政大臣 Daijou-daijin): SASAKI Ichihime (笹木一姫), human
Minister of the Left (左大臣 Sadaijin): TAKAHASHI Kaito (高橋海斗), gallade
Minister of the Right (右大臣 Udaijin): MURATA Rina (村田里奈), human
Minister of the Interior (内大臣 Naidaijin): IKEDA Daisuke (池田大輔), hariyama
Major Counselor (大納言 Dainagon): KAWAKAMI Momoko (川上桃子), lopunny
Major Counselor (大納言 Dainagon): ARAKAKI Kazuya (新垣和也), human
Major Counselor (大納言 Dainagon): OOSHIRO Ayaka (大城綾香), human
Middle Counselor (中納言 Chuunagon): NISHIMURA Takahiro (西村孝弘), human
Middle Counselor (中納言 Chuunagon): HIGASHIMOTO Hina (東本陽菜), gothitelle
Middle Counselor (中納言 Chuunagon): YAMAUCHI Kotone (山内琴音), human
Minor Counselor (少納言 Shounagon): KANESHIRO Natsumi (金城夏美), machoke
Minor Counselor (少納言 Shounagon): AOKI Yuuta (青木雄太), human
Minor Counselor (少納言 Shounagon): UCHIDA Takumi (内田 巧), hitmonlee

Eight Ministries (八省 Basshou)

Minister of the Center (中務卿 Nakatsukasa-kyou): SUZUKI Nami (鈴木直美), alakazam
Minister of Civil Affairs (式部卿 Shikibu-kyou): YAMADA Megumi (山田惠), human
Minister of Ceremonies (治部卿 Jibu-kyou): ISHIYAMA Shion (石山紫苑), human
Minister of Popular Affairs (民部卿 Minbu-kyou): KATSURAGI Koumei (葛城公明), machamp
Minister of Defense (兵部卿 Hyoubu-kyou): MAEDA Junpei (前田純平), human
Minister of Justice (刑部卿 Gyoubu-kyou): ADACHI Saburo (足立三郎), human
Minister of the Treasury (大藏卿 Ookura-kyou): KUSAMICHI Yuri (草道百合), gardevoir
Minister of the Royal Households (宮内卿 Kunai-kyou): KIMURA Eiji (木村英字), medicham

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  [ALD] Credentials of the Aldurian Ambassador
Posted by: Aldurian Ambassador - 04-15-2019, 01:45 PM - Forum: 治部省 | Ministry of Ceremonies - Replies (1)

[Image: wLK8yIs.png]



Your Excellency,

I, Koka Colquehuanca, have been appointed to serve as the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Alduria to the Hoennese Realm.

Alduria comes to Hoenn in good faith with a desire to build a relationship between our nations based on mutual respect and genuine cooperation.

The Republic of Alduria has tasked me with the establishment of a diplomatic mission in your Micran capital.

Please find attached my Letters of Credence from the President of the Republic of Alduria, Alejandro Campos. I convey his most sincere and warmest greetings, and those of the people of Alduria to the people of Hoenn.

Koka Colquehuanca

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  跳島 (Island Hopping)
Posted by: Hoennese Government - 03-25-2019, 07:58 AM - Forum: 僻島藩 | Outlying Islands Domain - No Replies

Quote:Near Komoto Village, Aɂmaniɂma County, Niɂma Division, Hoenn
19 Shimoɂki 763

Shiro cupped his hands and dunked them into the Kamigawa, washing his face with its pristine water. He was one of the eleven crown princes of the Ralgon nation, but that really didn't matter much. Like his compatriots, he was expendable and very replacable with some random relative. The young man had journeyed out this far in search of, well, himself. Compared to the snakes and other types of politicians back home, this place was very peaceful. He seriously thought of just settling down in this exotic land and using his skills in politics and battle to help these people out, but he worried that they just weren't the sort to welcome a foreign warrior into their midst. For the umpteenth time that hour, he checked himself to make sure he still had his sword and sidearm handy. He wasn't used to peace, and it was ironically making him paranoid.

Shiro bent down to wash his face again, only to be greeted by a calm, beige-snouted pink face, crowned with a very large, bleached-white shellfish hat, poking out of the water to stare at him from point-blank range. Shiro kept staring straight forward, almost believing it was a mirage, before he snapped himself back into reality. Continuing to stare intently forward (while likely looking like an idiot), he blinked incredulously, rubbing his eyes to try and make sense of the not-quite-a-hippopotamus smiling vacantly back at him. Seeing the creature pull itself out of the water and stand on two legs next to him only cemented his belief that he was hallucinating, especially as it stood eye-to-eye with him sans shellfish hat, upper arms — hands? — folded behind its back thoughtfully. Shiro knew upon landing on these shores that the creatures on this island were strange, but this one easily took the cake and ran off with it, too. He came to one of two solid conclusions: either those fruit he ate earlier were hallucenogenic and had him tripping like crazy, or this entire island was whack. Not wanting to jump to either conclusion because of how messed up he'd look if he was wrong, he decided to shut up and wait for the creature to either make a friendly or hostile move. What the creature did next lent credence to both conclusions: it turned to face the prince, smiled brightly, opened its mouth, and said boisterously,

“Wazze anne gowasutashi!”¹

Shiro resisted the urge to blurt out a curse word at his sheer surprise. I'm fucking tripping, alright, he thought.

‘...Greetings.” Shiro took his hand off his weapons, sensing that, whatever it was, this creature wasn't hostile. He pointed to himself, signalling to the other creature (which was obviously intelligent) that he was greeting it. “I am Shiro.”

The creature bowed, holding onto its shellfish hat to prevent it falling from his head. “Greetings, Shiro-san”, it said in a thick Hoennese accent. “I am Nomi-dono², head man³ of Kamigawa river.” It took a deep breath and let out a great yawn, revealing its entire mouth to Shiro. “I — we — wish to ask what brought you to our river?”̄

"I am an explorer, from a far-off island my people call Dragos." Shiro paused only briefly to contemplate how this creature suddenly changed languages. "My travels brought me to this land, and I encountered this river just now. I only stopped to quench my thirst. If I am unwelcome here, then I shall swiftly move on."

He decided to say nothing else for the moment. After all, the fact that he was a prince most likely meant absolutely nothing in this strange land, and back home such a declaration would just paint a target on his back if he didn't bring ample security or a good kill back home.

The jewel on the hippopotamus' shellfish hat seemed to glimmer for a second, and then its wearer spoke up. “If you are peaceful, then you are most welcome!” It beamed a toothy grin at Shiro. “We may not have much to offer, but you may certainly stay here as long as you like.” It turned to look at the river, and a number of other pink hippos — some wearing shellfish on their tails and the others unadorned & much slower — emerging from the river. The shell-tailed ones gathered around Nomi-dono, while the slow ones chilled on the riverbank, staring blankly in various directions.

Shiro took a long, careful look around. "There's one thing that you have that I've certainly not seen back home, and that's a peaceful environment. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to take up your offer to stay here a while. I can teach you skills I learned back home in exchange, if you are open to learning."

“A fair bargain!”, Nomi-dono said, its shell-tailed brethren clamoring in agreement. “I must warn you, though, that the no-tails…” He turns to look at the shell-less creatures on the riverbank. “…they do not learn well. But do not let that stop you from teaching us!”

After a moment, Nomi-dono turned away from Shiro towards the riverbank full of derps and closed its eyes, the gem on its shellfish hat beginning to glow brightly. Simultaneously, the shell-less ones all turned in its direction and lifted their heads to gaze at their leader. The scent of ozone filled the air, and Shiro felt the hairs on his arms & the back of his neck rise, along with a faint feeling like a change in pressure. After about a minute, a decently-sized village of log cabins & mud huts faded into view, and Nomi-dono slouched, feeling considerably more relaxed.

Considering all that he had seen in the space of just a few short minutes, Shiro wasn't even surprised anymore. Even so, for all their abilities, the natives (as strange as they seemed) only possessed primitive technology. Beyond hiding themselves, he worried about their ability to defend against potential attack from others. He looked around at the simple lifestyle the natives seemed to enjoy. Shiro knew that such tranquility simply did not exist in his own land. If it could not be defended properly from aggressors, the world would be the worse for it. I know what I must do, he thought, wearing a determined expression.

Footnotes and translations

① 「わっぜ安寧ごわすたし!」 “May you be very peaceful/tranquil!” A polite informal greeting or valediction, but more commonly the former. Compare Korean annyeonghaseyo.
② 「鑿殿」 Lord Chisel, effectively.
③ In Hoenn, villages are administered by a headman (名主 nanushi) chosen by and from amongst the villagers at the annual town meeting.

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  [Soccer] Superleague Hoenn uniforms, 2018–19
Posted by: Hoennese Government - 02-03-2019, 06:46 PM - Forum: 競技場豐縁 | Stadium Hoenn - No Replies

In this thread, the member clubs of Superleague Hoenn will show off their 2018–19 uniforms.

But first, the uniforms of our National Team:

[Image: Hoenn_soccer_uniforms.png]

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  License plates
Posted by: Hoennese Government - 01-29-2019, 07:06 PM - Forum: 民部省 | Ministry of Popular Affairs - Replies (1)

This thread will showcase the various types of license plates issued to registered motor vehicles in Hoenn.

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  Plum House
Posted by: Hoennese Government - 01-29-2019, 06:51 PM - Forum: 梅家 | Plum House - No Replies

[Image: JpleNIx4_o.jpg]

Plum House (梅家 Umeya) is the official working residence of the Prime Minister of Hoenn, and has served in that capacity since the institution of that office in the early 20th century CE; before that, it was owned by a medicham noble family.

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  How are you feeling today?
Posted by: Hoennese Government - 01-29-2019, 06:46 PM - Forum: 最優都王室客商賣 | Royal Evergrande Hotel - No Replies

Here you can talk about whatever's going on in your life right now.

For example, a creative asset I'm making for work won't load outside of the software I used to design it because a site that serves a crucial script has vanished for me.

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  Symbols of the Hoennese Realm
Posted by: Hoennese Government - 01-18-2019, 03:20 PM - Forum: 式部省 | Ministry of Civil Affairs - No Replies

[Image: 320px-Flag_of_Hoenn.png]

[Image: Kamon_of_Hoenn.png]

[Image: 320px-Kimigayo.score.svg.png]


Kimi ga yo wa
Chiyo ni yachiyo ni
Sazare-ishi no
Ihaho to narite
Koke no musu made

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  [IRS] Credentials for the Shirerithian Ambassador
Posted by: Alexandra Delaryd - 10-24-2018, 04:28 PM - Forum: 治部省 | Ministry of Ceremonies - Replies (1)

The ambassador-designate of Shireroth appeared at Kagoshima Castle for a solemn audience, where she would deliver the Queen her credentials from the Kaiser of Shireroth.

[Image: DecreeSeal1652.png]

by the Kharenah of Zurvan, Qaisar-e Sathratiye,
who, by this Imperial Letter of Credence, gives unto


Greetings, and unto the gods of Shireroth, undying and unthinking obsequience.

Know that We, Mibaradardam be Khorshid va Mah Minamaz dadanam Zurvan, have in the first place dedicated to Zurvan this Letter which by his Kharenah is confirmed for Us and Our heirs forever.


Your Majesties,

Desirous of maintaining and developing the good relations that prevail between the Imperial Republic of Shireroth and the Hoennese Realm, We have decided to to accredit to the Court of Your Majesties the Lady Alexandra Delaryd, with the qualification of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

The qualities, talents and merits of Lady Alexandra assures Us of her readiness to head the Shirerithian embassy in Hoenn and obtain Your Majesties’ confidence for her appointment.

It is in this conviction that We pray of Your Majesties to show her a benevolent welcome and give full faith and credence to all communications that she will make on Our behalf and in the name of the Imperial Republic.

Accept, Your Majesties, the assurances of Our highest esteem, and Our best wishes for Your Majesties’ happiness and for the prosperity of the Hoennese nation.

[Image: Kaiserseal6303.png]

IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused the Imperial Seal to be affixed to this Letter which We have signed with Our Hand. Given at the Keep this twenty-first day of the tenth month in the year after the death of Norton one thousand six hundred and sixty-five.

Ayreon IV Qaisar

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  Decree on the Appointment of an Ambassador to Shireroth
Posted by: Queen Haruka - 10-23-2018, 11:34 AM - Forum: 鹿兒島城 | Kagoɂma Castle - Replies (2)

[Image: 120px-Maru_juji.svg.png]
鹿兒島城 漆陌陸拾伍年長月拾陸日


[Image: houwau-gyoji.png][Image: haruka-bt-tiny.png]

太政大臣 山邊次郎
左大臣 炎龍院貪助
内大臣 堅殻鉄義
中務省 鈴木直美
治部省 石山紫苑

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