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[CAP] Greetings from Caputia!
[Image: Gnyq9Sl.png]

Zalae, Caputia

Foreign Minister,
Hoennese Realm

Your Excellency, Greetings:

I am George Blakeslee, appointed by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I of Caputia as Foreign Minister and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to the Micran Nations.

Her Majesty has repeatedly expressed to me and to other members of Her Government the utmost importance she has placed upon the development of close diplomatic relations with the Hoennese Realm. Being neighbors in Keltia, not to mention the extensive investments in Caputian reconstruction Hoenn is making, brings both of our countries together, and we wish to formalize that with a Treaty.

Her Majesty's most sincere hope is for friendship and cooperation on all topics of mutual interest, within the neutrality policy proclaimed by Her Majesty earlier this year.

Exchanging of ambassadors will be the natural next step in the diplomatic process, of course. I am happy to provide a rough draft of a Treaty based on our Treaty templates.


George Blakeslee
Caputian Foreign Minister
[Image: wikiseal.png]
Palace of the Golden Phoenix
Shiwasu 26, 756

Foreign Minister Blakeslee:

To you personally, and to the Kingdom of the Realm of Caputia, does this humble servant render ten thousand greetings. I am most honored to receive your letters of credence.

Their Majesties, too, recognize, and are adamant on adding to, the value of a Hoennese-Caputian relationship, and I can think of no relationship more deserving of diplomatic formalization. Friendship and cooperation on all topics of mutual interest is most desirable in the halls of Their Majesties' Government, and to those ends are we most amenable.

I shall humbly petition His Majesty the King to appoint an ambassador to the Kingdom of the Realm of Caputia in due course.


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