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Abdication of the right of succession
[Image: 120px-Maru_juji.svg.png]
Kagoshima Castle
Shiwasu 28, 756

The health of my august father's majesty weighs more heavily upon me than ten thousand Mauville Castles. So, too, does the unfortunate fact of life that has clouded my own future for so long, as I am sure is known by many. I have hesitated for several years to formally make public these facts, but I feel that my august father's subjects have a right to know when it concerns the future of our country.

In the year seven hundred forty-nine, after many failed attempts with Crown Princess Reishi and concubines to sire an heir, I made an appointment to visit Dr. Ogasawara Kenjirou, a respected urologist in Hyuuga Province. The diagnosis he pronounced, after several additional visits, was, especially for a gentleman of my standing, most terribly grave.

To produce an heir to the throne is beyond my physical capability.

As a consequence of this, I do not feel that I deserve to inherit the throne of Hoenn should my august father's majesty so cruelly be rent from the mortal world. Therefore, I am abdicating the right to receive the succession to the throne of Hoenn, effective immediately. My sister, the Princess Unrei, now the Crown Princess, having already borne two sons and a daughter, is far more deserving, being able to secure in herself and her descendants the unbroken succession of the Black Velvet Crown, than I.

It is my hope that you shall understand the nature of my predicament, and lend your full support to the Crown Princess and to my august father's majesty.

Gods save the King of Hoenn.

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