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[ALD] Credentials of the Aldurian Ambassador
[Image: wLK8yIs.png]



Your Excellency,

I, Koka Colquehuanca, have been appointed to serve as the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Alduria to the Hoennese Realm.

Alduria comes to Hoenn in good faith with a desire to build a relationship between our nations based on mutual respect and genuine cooperation.

The Republic of Alduria has tasked me with the establishment of a diplomatic mission in your Micran capital.

Please find attached my Letters of Credence from the President of the Republic of Alduria, Alejandro Campos. I convey his most sincere and warmest greetings, and those of the people of Alduria to the people of Hoenn.

Koka Colquehuanca
[Image: avatar_1.png?dateline=1555742993]
The Ministry of Ceremonies,
Daijoukan 5,
Evergrande City,
Hoennese Realm.

To the Ugawa Ryoukan, Evergrande,
and in duplicate to the Department of State of the Republic of Alduria, Punta Santiago,
and in duplicate to the State Depository, Fortree.

To the hon. Ambassador of the Republic of Alduria to the Hoennese Realm, the hon. Koka Colquehanca, greeting:

The Ministry of Ceremonies of the Hoennese Realm presents its compliments to the Department of State of the Republic of Alduria, and has the honor to confirm that it has received from the same office the letters of credence of the Aldurian ambassador to the Hoennese Realm, dated 771 Fumidzuki 25.

Their Majesties are most desirous of pursuing thorough bilateral relations with all the nations of Micras, and to this end They, through this humble servant, wish to extend a most cordial welcome to the Land of the Dual Thrones, and express their unbridled delight in being able to receive you in her capital city on Their Majesties' behalf.

Rest assured that Their Majesties shall brook no delay and spare no expense in the construction of an embassy befitting the Republic of Alduria; until such time as it is completed, Her Majesty the Queen has given leave to this humble servant to dispose of the Ugawa Ryoukan, heretofore owned by one hundred eleven generations of gardevoir shamanesses, as a temporary residence and embassy.

The Ministry of Ceremonies avails itself of the opportunity to assure the Republic of Alduria of its highest consideration.

/cs/ Ishiyama Shion
/s/ Kagamine Reiji
771 Nagatsuki 29

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