Giovanni Lanza

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Giovanni Lanza
Giovanni Lanza.jpg
Lanza's mugshot
Born (1946-08-01)August 1, 1946
Kantoh Edwardsville, Kantoh
Died January 3, 2000(2000-01-03) (aged 53)
Great Britain HMP Wandsworth, London, Great Britain
Other names “Orient Jack”
Occupation Crime boss, mobster, extortionist, racketeer
Known for Boss of the Lanza crime family
Criminal charge Murder, conspiracy, piracy with violence, usury, racketeering, perverting the course of justice, illegal gambling, tax evasion
Criminal penalty Life imprisonment
Spouse(s) Delia Ketchum
Children Satoshi Lanza

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Sakaki Giovanni Alberto Maria Tutti-i-Santi Salvatore Antonio Lanza (August 1, 1946 — January 3, 2000) was an Italian-Kantohnese gangster who became boss of the Lanza crime family in Edwardsville, and was the last person executed in the British Empire.