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Hoennese Realm
Horizontal bicolor of green and red, with a thin white stripe in the center The kamon of Hoenn: four diamonds themselves arranged in a diamond pattern
Flag Coat of arms
  • "Kimigayo"
  • キミ

"Their Majesties' Reign"
File:Kimi ga Yo instrumental.ogg
CapitalEvergrande (最優サイユ Saiyu-to?)
Largest city Lilycove (水面ミナモ城下ズカ Minamo-zuka?)
Official languages Japanese
Recognised regional languages
  • Korean
  • Ryukyuan languages
Ethnic groups (2014)
  • 50.3% Maju
  • 42.4% Yamato
  • 6.5% Joseon
  • 0.8% other
Demonym Hoennese
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional dinarchy
 -  Queen Kahede
 -  King Queen Haruka
 -  Prime Minister Yamanobe Jiro
Legislature Gike (議會ギケ)
 -  Upper house Senate (學者ガクシャイン Gakusha-in?)
 -  Lower house House of Commons (庶民ショミンイン Shomin-in?)
 -  Independence from Japan 1277 
 -  Ascension of the King 1889 
 -  Current constitution February 1, 1905 
 -  Total 61,878 km2
23,891 sq mi
 -  2014 census 6,300,841
 -  Density 101.8/km2 (109th)
263.7/sq mi
Currency Mon () (HNM)
Time zone JST (UTC+9)
 -  Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+9)
Date format
  • AHC yyy-mm-dd
  • AHC yyy年mm月dd日
Drives on the left
Calling code +85
Internet TLD .hn