Queen Kahede

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Queen Kahede.png
Queen of Hoenn (more...)
Reign Kisaragi 15, 664 –
Coronation Kisaragi 15, 665
Predecessor Kwanzen
Prime Minister List
Born Udzuki 5, 635
Palace of Eons, Lilycove, Ohosumi Province
Spouse Akira, Prince Zoutoku (oo 700)
Issue Crown Princess Yukako
Full name
Fuuko (‮楓子‬)
House Ooran
Father Inazuma
Mother Meiroku
Religion Megamikyou

Kahede (‮楓帝‬ Kahede-mikado?, * Udzuki 5, 635) is the third and reigning Queen of Hoenn. On Kisaragi 15, 664, she succeeded her elder sister Kwanzen.


In Hoenn, the Queen is never referred to by her given name, but rather as Her Majesty the Queen (‮帝陛下‬ Mikado-heika?), or as Her/Your Majesty (‮陛下‬ Heika?). In writing, the Queen is also referred to as the reigning Queen (‮今上帝‬ Kinjiyau-tei?). According to custom, Kahede will be renamed after her death. Before succeeding to the throne, Kahede's title was Princess Saki (‮咲の宮‬ Saki-no-miya?).


The Queen's heiress apparent is Crown Princess Yukako.

Titles, styles, honors, and arms

Styles of
Queen Kahede
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Reference style Her Majesty
(‮帝陛下‬ Mikado-heika?)
Spoken style Your Majesty
(‮陛下‬ Heika?)
Alternative style The Reigning Queen
(‮今上帝‬ Kinjiyau-tei?)
  • Udzuki 5, 635 — Shimotsuki 9, 655: Her Royal Highness Fuuko, Princess Saki (‮咲の宮楓子‬ Saki-no-miya Fuuko?)
  • Shimotsuki 9, 655 — Kisaragi 15, 664: Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess (‮帝太女殿下‬ Teitaidjiyo-denka?)
  • Kisaragi 15, 664 — present: Her Majesty The Queen (‮帝陛下‬ Mikado-heika?)